I am H1 heading

I am H2 heading

I am H3 heading

I am H4 heading

Here is a standard paragraph of body copy. This is the default size of regular body copy throughout the site with an example of a link here.

text-xl: „Welcome to the digital billboard of web design. The text-xl is where you shout from the rooftops, make big announcements, and can’t help but capture attention. It’s the ‚We’ve just launched!‘ of font sizes.“

text-l: „Now, slide into the comfort zone of a hero header. This is the text-l, setting the vibe of a page. It’s like your site’s elevator pitch: ‚Here’s what we’re all about.‘ Delivered with confidence, but not overshadowing.“

text-m: „Enter the realm of body copy with text-m. The heart and soul of your content, where the main conversations happen. It’s the ‚Let me tell you a story‘ or ‚Here’s how this works‘ of the site.“

text-s: „Then there’s text-s, the trusty sidekick. Maybe it’s a caption, a sidebar note, or an important aside. It’s there saying, ‚Hey, also consider this!‘ A gentle nudge without being too pushy.“

text-xs: „Lastly, the meticulous text-xs. The footnote, the terms and conditions, the copyright note. It’s the whispered secrets and the ‚just so you know‘ of the digital world.“

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